This session is cordinated by Dr. Yushi Fujita, IEA President. The purpose of this session is to share an understanding that much closer collaboration among Asian Human Factors and Ergonomics societies (also groups and Individuals) is desired, and agree to take futher discussions.

We appointed Prof. Dr. Jose Orlando Gomes from Brazil (IEA Vice President), Dr. Andrew Todd from South Africa (IEA International Development Committee Chair), Dr. Frederic Tey from Singapore (IEA Professional Standard and Education Committee Chair) and Prof. Dr. Kentaro Kotani from Japan (ACED2017 Conference Chair) as panelists. And cordinater, Dr. Fujita, asked AK Ganguli from India, and Han Sung from South Korea to join as leading speakers from the floor.

Dr. Todd would speak about a global view in terms of IEA’s international development strategy, and add explanations about the situations in Africa. Dr. Tey would speak about a global view on the needs for Human Factors and Ergonimics training. Prof. Gomes would speak about the situation in Latin America and IEA’s efforts to promote Human Factors and Ergonomics. Prof. Kotani adds comments on the need for Human Factors and Ergonomics training opportunities, especially those that are related to cutting edge technologies. Prof. Han would speak about the future of ACED as a major platform for Human Factors and Ergonomics interactions in Asian countries.